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Welcome. You have reached the personal website of Patrick A. Simmons, M.S.

I am an instructor and researcher of computer science with specializations in compilers, dynamic memory allocation, and low-level security, and am a Lecturer at Georgia College. You may view my CV here. My Linked-In page is here but is not up-to-date.

If you are looking for the XMPP web chat client for all CS classes I teach, it is here.

If you are a CSCI1000 student, homework start file generation sub-site is here.

If you are a CSCI1301 student, the Pasithea/Philotes sub-site is here, and the Robot-Poet-Warlord sub-site is here. The link to the homework test sub-site is only available on GeorgiaVIEW for security reasons.

If you are looking for Loop-Amnesia, please visit here. Some humor also included ...but seriously, be careful.

Batman mode for the Linux bonding network device driver is here. The patch should be applied against Linux 4.0.4. It may apply to later revisions as well, but this is untested.

PALLOC2 is here. If you want it under a different license, email me at this address, explain your intended use, and I will reply.

Some important political topics:

End Software Patents!
EFF: Support Internet freedom.
ACLU: Support civil liberties.
FIRE: Support civil liberties, especially free speech, at colleges and universities.
NYRA: Support youth rights in general.
Speedy Deletion Wiki and Deletionpedia: Inclusionist counters to Wikipedia's dysfunctional deletionism

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